New Sim Provider
ProfitGuru STK applet certified for Valid SIMs
Big Data Milestone
mCentric's Hadoop Deployment Continuously Ingesting +2 Billion Events for Realtime Analytics
R+D Grant Award
1 October 2014
mCentric's PRISM Cofinanced by The Spanish Ministry
Exclusive Live Event
22 September 2014
Warsaw - mCentric Big Data Success in the Spotlight
mCentric Success
23 May 2014
mCentric Big Data Solution Saves 35K+ Call-Processing Minutes Daily
Exclusive Live Event
3 Apr 2014
Munich - Review of an Oracle-mCentric Big Data Implementation at DOAG
Big Data Success
25 Mar 2014
Istanbul - mCentric Success Story Highlighted at Big Data Conference
Give direction to your Big Data Services
Cabo San Vicente, Portugal
When a customer calls from a network
with BILLIONS OF EVENTS per day,
is activity information available immediately to CSRs?
Valencia, Spain
Target the right customer at the precise moment
and DOUBLE your offer uptake
Madrid, Spain
Direct Call-to-Action
seconds after a trigger event
Coyoacan, México
Real Time Meaning for your Analytics,
the foundation for managing relevant profitable campaigns
Coyoacan, México
Do you realise the full revenue
and penetration potential
of your Mobile Data Network?
Faro, Portugal
CEM 360º:
Empower... Communicate...Act
Coyoacan, México
Are you monetising users with no credit?
León, Spain
Messaging Services
which generate revenue
Coyoacan, México
One-Click to SHOP all your network offers
anywhere and on any device
even WITHOUT a data connection
Coyoacan, México