Company History

Founded in the year 2000, mCentric has enjoyed solid business growth since its creation and has come to achieve worldwide success, a respected name and countless solutions proven in critical situations in mature networks. Its operating history can be counted back from its beginnings in Europe through Africa from the year 2001 in Nigeria, the fastest mobile growing region on the continent; and in LatAm in México since the year 2003.

mCentric has a combined 90+ years experience in Mobile Telecoms worldwide among the members of its Senior Management Team, and has been present and is trusted in some of the most important networks in the world, and responsible for the management of services with enormous transaction volumes and business impact.

mCentric is a leader in integration, and the deployment of Solutions and Technology in multiple markets and Sectors in Europe, Africa, Latin-America and Asia. In Africa, specifically, mCentric has been collaborating with the telecom professionals in the major networks steadily for the past 14 years, delivering innovative solid solutions, reliable on-site professional services, a strong local presence and insightful consultation reflecting years of experience, research and investigation in the field.