Meeting Operator Challenges

Many years in the business providing cutting edge solutions for major players leads to questions and answers for what arises time and time again,as well as innovative ideas which can only come from those who have been around the business as long as mCentric has. There is no need to struggle with neither decisions nor "problems". mCentric has thought them through several times over and has already turned them into shining opportunities.

Give us a ring or shoot us an email if any of these or similar situations are crossing your desk, or keeping you up at night.

"Is bill shock an issue for you and your customers? Find out how to solve it with mCentric..."

"Are you a Mobile Operator or MVNO struggling with device configuration challenges for your data network access?...mCentric can show you the way to true ALWAYS ON ACCESS"

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"Are you in need of a Mobile Terminated SMSC capacity that is as elastic the marketing campaigns?" mCentric's 99.99 MT Messaging in the Cloud

"When a customer calls from a network with BILLIONS of events per day, is activity information available immediately to CSRs? Are you monetising users with no credit?"

"Do you realise the full revenue and penetration potential of your Mobile Data Network?"

"Are your company daily, weekly and monthly KPIs on the decision makers desk for their first coffee? mCentric's and Oracle's Telco class Big Data Experience and BI methodology can help..."

"Is your company finding it impossible to keep up with the LEA and LI requests...? - mCentric's and Oracle's Telco class Big Data solution experience"

"Is your network congested and yet you have no means to ensure that your premium customers are receiving premium access/service?"

"Are you in need of real feet on the ground experience of conducting Social Network Analytics using your network data and stimulating your customers with the "right promotion"...

Find out how we're making Big Data useful in Africa...

"Haven't you figured out how to easily make users more profitable whilst increasing retention and reducing costs?... mCentric has."

"Not Turbo-Charging VIP data users yet? What are you waiting for?"