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mCentric takes messaging a step further.

Have a look at some real business examples of mCentric's Messaging Services in action in the examples below.


Monetizing Credit Challenged Network Users

Since its beginnings in GSM in 1991, SMS has become mobile operators’ trusted VAS Revenue Source with users currently sending billions of SMS messages daily all over the world. Users simply adapted to this form of communication as second nature. Despite pressure on SMS revenues from OTT messaging, SMS remains an important source of income. Moreover, for those without credit, or with important limitations on credit, the ubiquitous nature of SMS is invaluable and with MessageBack,  it can even become free, whilst the operator collects revenue from the other party in the conversation.

Limitless Messaging

MessageBack, removes the greatest obstacle in preventing users from contacting each other - lack of credit.

MessageBack provides 2 standard service modes

  • Reverse Charge (RC) messaging - If the target user accepts, messages are charged to his account or balance; and
  • Reply Paid (RP) messaging - the sender initiates a communication proactively paying for the reply.

Simply put, only one of the two users involved needs to have credit. Users do not hesitate in sending messages, as they become more and more accustomed to not worrying about having credit.

Abuse Control

Self-regulation features include automatic message cancellation and expiry and a configurable grey list (preventing further use) into which the system will place any users that are suspected of inappropriate or potentially fraudulent use of the service. Users that correct their behaviour, are subsequently released.

Also provided is a black list, into which “repeat offenders” or other fraudulent users of this or any other services may be placed. The service also provides both bulk and real-time interfaces to permit other systems to provision subscribers in the blacklist.

User Empowerment

Users are provided with the possibility of controlling the service to meet their requirements. From a privacy point of view, a user can place other subscribers into a personal black list, and will thus never receive any MessageBack messages from that subscriber. If the user wants to permanently accept incoming messages from someone, (a family member for example) they can be placed in a personal White list, and all messages will automatically be charged and delivered.

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  • Permitting operators to obtain revenue from subscribers without credit via having the cost of message transmission subsidised by advertisers.
  • This service can be delivered in both Pull and Push modes, as an installed solution or as a service from the Cloud.
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Instant Messaging

  • mCentric has an IM concentrator that permits an operator to offer a One-stop service to subscribers from where they can access all their online messaging services.
  • This can include delivery via SMS, and e-mail and also has support for 2 and 2.5G legacy devices

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Mobile e-Mail

This is a mass market solution, providing access to commercial or operator based e-mail for subscribers with relatively simple, legacy devices allowing such users to have access to services normally restricted to smartphone users.

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User Generated Content, Group Messaging and Social Network Aggregation

The solutions in this area permit the operator to provide and monetise consolidated, branded access to all of their subscriber's networks, create their own, or simply provide a platform for users to be able to create their own groups and social networks