Network Profitability

mCentric makes it a priority to make Operator Networks work for them, which means combining the know-how gathered in its analytics to power Best-in-Class solutions targeted to precisely what its subscribers are looking for, guaranteeing consumer satisfaction.

One key to this is intelligent and intuitive solutions which empower subscribers as much as possible so that the operator has visibility as to what best works for its customers. With the right business model, its always a win-win situation, and mCentric's solutions are agile and prepared to adapt to consumer trends.

Another key is optimising the network so that subscribers never have a chance to complain about speed issues or interruptions.

Whether it be Self-Care Data Subscription Management, On-The-Fly Service Portal Activations, Peer-to-Peer Top-Ups, or Network Optimization, mCentric will make it happen, quickly, efficiently and fine-tuned to meet the customer's specific needs.

The following are some real business examples currently rolled out in customers across the globe.

PRISM (Platform for Real-Time Internet Subscription Management)

Today virtually all leisure and business activities have links to the internet, be it email, instant messaging, social networking sites, online shopping, internet banking, business information sharing and research, or just catching up on world events. For the majority of people, usage of the internet has become a daily habit and is now second nature, with lack of availability a perceived loss.

Internet on the move has also now become the norm for many people, with Wi-Fi zones in public spaces, sophisticated data-capable handsets and USB GSM/UMTS modems allowing almost ubiquitous mobile access to the Internet. This has all raised the public's expectations and has increased demand for high quality, high speed, high availability and highly flexible Internet access.

PRISM provides this expected level of service to Consumers and helps Mobile Operator to maximise their revenue from providing it.

mCentric's PRISM(Platform for Real-time Internet Subscription Management) is a solution that gives operators a highly flexible channel to empower their data services subscribers, allowing them to take control of their data usage and enjoy access to the Internet in the way which best serves them. By providing this high level of self-determination to their subscribers and removing the consumer's apprehension towards "per kilobyte" billing and the cost of data use in general, operators also benefit; experiencing lower churn and a rise in data traffic as consumer satisfaction soars. It integrates into all modern networks using standard protocols and interacts with any combination of existing network elements.

The solution is offered as a complete suite or modularly, for example:

  • Subscription Management component
  • Device Detection
  • Dynamically rendered self-care portals which serve the promotions which a subscriber needs according to usage, device, geography, etc.
  • Try&Buy
  • Multi-Service and QoS Provisioning
  • Subscriptions Sharing and Gifting

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mCentric’s SmartCare provides an Operator with the facility to create new service offerings and new combinations of products and services simply and quickly. Moreover, it confers the ability to launch commercial offers without internal or provider technical dependencies.

Once the actions that can be taken are defined and certified, their combination and presentation is simply a question of configuration. Thus the Operator is enabled to easily continually refresh its service offering and Subscribers can benefit from a simple, easy to use access to provision services, products, gifts or promotions that interest them.

There are no limits either with regard to the actions that can be integrated with SmartCare, or the way they are offered to Subscribers. Purchase, subscribe, gift, share, activate, pay, deactivate, contract. The limits are defined only by the Operator.

The Standard Edition provides USSD, SMS and a Web Service interface for integration with other systems and platforms, as well as a Web Portal, either standalone or as part of an existing portal, to facilitate access to services from a fixed or mobile data network.

The SmartCare Client: 100% Device Coverage and Offline Availability

mCentric's Smart Care may also be rolled out as a SmartAPP that functions on both SmartPhone and FeaturePhone families of mobile devices and also uses multiple connectivity approaches to ensure that when devices do not have a data connection the service remains available, ensuring that absolute broadest reach to the mobile customer population.

In addition, one of the most unique value propositions of the SmartCare solution is the segmentation and push delivery of Daily Spotlight offers/promotions relevant to the given customer.

SmartCare can either be deployed at Operator premises or as a service provided from the Cloud. Operator premises deployment is offered under the acquisition of a license to use. Furthermore, both deployment models can be acquired under a SaaS type agreement.

SmartCare provides direct benefits stimulating revenue via the sale of services and products

  • Revenue increases based upon augmented sales of both existing and new services and products
  • Cash flow improves due to payment being advanced via the acquisition of bundles
  • Specific service and product stimulation by simplifying the creation of special offers.
  • Stimulates revenue from low income subscribers
  • No incremental operation costs
  • Risk-free integration
  • Dynamic creation of services and bundles:
  • - No programming required

    - No software upgrade required

  • Provide subscribers with control over their purchases and gifts
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TCP/IP Optimization

TCPI IP does not interact efficiently with radio networks. A few packets of data lost at the wrong time in a mobile broadband network leads to extended pauses in downloads and web page loading. This leads to frustration and dissatisfaction for the customer and more often than not a swift departure to another provider.

No longer! Teclo Networks Sambal is a simple in-line solution that optimizes TCPI IP for mobility without the need for modified client side software. It improves network efficiency and speed and ultimately improves the experience for the customer.

The problem with TCP/IP?

One of the primary functions of TCP/IP is to protect the core internet from overload. Core internet routers signal congestion to TCP/IP end points (web browsers and servers) by deliberately dropping packets.

The congestion control mechanisms in vanilla TCP/IP measure variations in packet round-trip time and loss to detect internet overload. Once detected, data transfer across a network is significantly slowed.

However, greater problems occur in mobile networks where there are other contributing factors such as Handovers and ARQ mechanisms. These add to data packet round-trip variations and packets are lost mostly due to radio dropouts rather than data congestion. Many of these issues can now be eased with the introduction into the data network of Teclo Networks Sambal.

Sambal Acceleration

Teclo Networks Sambal is a core network node dedicated to optimizing and accelerating the TCP/IP pr otocol towards the mobile network. Sambal significantly reduces the adverse ef fects of radio fading and coverage issues, and r educes overall service latency.

Taking advantage of all the latest research into TCP/IP congestion management techniques, Sambal is carefully tuned based on detailed analysis of many real world operator networks across multiple network vendors. No major network modifications or upgrades are required and Teclo Networks Sambal complements existing cacheing and content adaptation solutions. It's simple, effective and cost-saving, leading to an improvement in user experience and satisfaction, and ultimately to customer retention and growth.

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P2P Operations - StreetSmart

mCentric's StreetSmart service offers mobile operators a way to improve both the revenue and margins of their prepaid business by enabling the transfer of prepaid airtime balance/credits directly from one subscriber to another.

First delivered in 2001, the Solution has been providing value ever since to operators around the world. It is a turnkey secure system that is both vendor and network independent, being able to deal with multiple IN providers transparently in the same network. This service can be delivered locally or as a service from the Cloud.

StreetSmart combines and integrates Operator Billing and Charging Systems with the most successful and secure Internet Payment methods available in order to provide an Open Solution.

Integration with Internet Payment methods facilitates se-cure transfers from a community of hundreds of millions of users and availability in 55 markets around the world. StreetSmart’s combination with Internet Payment Methods such as PayPal opens an innovative and differentiating method to recharge prepaid balances in a secure and afford-able way via Internet. Top Ups can be done via credit cards, bank transfers, debit cards at some of the lowest costs in the industry.

Risk Control

Moving around what is effectively money, has implicit risks and the Solution has anumber of features to ensure appropriate control:

  • Remaining credit limit
  • Usage limit, both in terms of the amount of credit transferred and the number of transactions permitted daily or monthly
  • Maximum transfer value limit
  • Minimum transfer value limit


To ensure not only the security of the solution itself but also to instil confidence in the users, the Solution has a number of security features, including:

  • Registration - all users that want to use the service can be obliged to register.
  • Password control.- established at registration time to ensure for the customer that nobody can use their account fraudulently and for the operator to guarantee no-repudiation


As with any system that is essentially “financial” in nature, the ability to be able to audit transactions is fundamental. To this end StreetSmart maintains a series of datum to enable compete end-to-end auditability and also to the extent of being able to audit against the IN nodes with which it interacts.

  • Assignment od unique sequence numbers to all transactions
  • Transaction certificates
  • Recording of of IN transaction codes
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All the benefits of a Full-Featured SMSC & USSD delivered with on-demand capacity from the Cloud.

  • Ultra-fast message delivery receipt and SMS delivery to the network
  • Industry standard SMPP 3.4 protocol for External applications connectivity (ESMEs)
  • Browser based back-office

- Configure 3rd party access, Account Type(internal or external), Accounting Cross Reference ID (SAP, Oracle Financials, etc.), pre-authorized Quotas (daily, weekly and monthly), QoS channels for prioritized delivery and

- Configurable delivery windows

- Dash-board to view operating stats, usage/reconciliation exports, and 60 days of msg. history

  • SS7 message delivery throttling (network driven) & message receipt throttling (quota driven)
  • Supports text and/or binary body types and concatenated SMS
  • Provides real-time delivery receipts and delivery report data
  • Provides roaming awareness - delivery Not Allowed / Allowed with local or geographic time stamping
  • Carrier grade infrastructure with full redundancy, SLA
  • Dynamically Scalable Solution
  • Independent Bulk SMS Utility